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2016 New SAT

College Board, the official administrator of the SAT (Standardized Admission Test), announced its plan to change the format of the SAT for tests beyond March 2016. Unlike the previous SAT, which was graded based on a 2400 point scale, the New SAT will be graded on a 1600 point scale.

The traditional Writing, Reading and Mathematics sections will be maintained in the New SAT. However, the SAT Essay, which was once considered as part of the Writing section, will be graded separately from the rest of the SAT. Additionally, the Essay will no longer be required, but optional. Students will be given the choice of taking the Essay section or not.

Changes are also foreseen in the Mathematics section. The New SAT Math section includes more advanced materials than the previous SAT.

The changes in the SAT format, especially the optional Essay section will also bring about changes in the college admission process.