Our Academics

We currently offer programs that will aid students every step of the way, starting from middle schoolers interested in the specialized high schools in the city to college students struggling with college essay writing. Check below for the full list of programs!

The first step to attending a specialized high school in the city is the SHSAT. This test is widely taken throughout the city and neighboring areas. Only those who make the cut-off scores for each school will be permitted to attend. Our program will offer those who are interested and hardworking a better chance at these prestigious high schools.

AP Classes

AP classes are a good way to build a more impressive college application and will help knock off a few credits from your future college curriculum. We provide small group and one on one assistance for numerous subjects.


The SAT is an important factor on your college application that is often used as a predictor of how well you would fare in a college environment. Our SAT I program will thoroughly prepare students to reach their maximum potential.

Specialized High School Guidance

Keeping up with specialized high school curriculums is no easy feat and we understand that help outside of school might be needed to ensure steady footing during the four years of attendance.

College Essay Prep

The transition from high school level writing to college essay writing can be difficult to adjust to. We are here to make to this transition smoother. Tips, editing, and guidance are available to students who participate in college essay prep.

GPA Management

With many extracurriculars, internships, jobs, and responsibilities students are involved with, maintaining a solid GPA can be very difficult. Occasionally students may have questions or desire for guidance regarding what courses to take; here, we also offer advice and guidance where it is appropriate.